Sakurina make up

I really need to stop being lazy and upload so many pictures from last year :/
I find it so much easier just to blog from my phone.

So anyway for the first time in aaaages I did sakurina make up I think I will do this style more often. Skirt from mar*s, top lashes diamond lash, bottom fairy lash.

Oh and I got my amazing boots and some clothes back from Japan. coat and boots from Gladnews my favourite brand ❤

I really wish I had gal friends who are into this style here. I really miss that about Tokyo, and having a group of girl friends and going to so many places with them. It's kind of weird coming back here and no one understands your style, and especially because most of my friends here are guys! I just find it really hard to make friends with girls here because of bitchyness and also because most girls find me intimidating.

Going into London now to see if I can get my phone screen fixed as i somehow managed to crack a bit of the screen when I was drunk :(



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