Trip to Hiroshima with Hitomi in August

In the last couple of months of my stay in Japan before I headed back to England, I stayed at Hitomi's and I visited her home town in Hiroshima for a couple of days where she took me to many places

The first day her mumma cooked the most gorgeous breakfast ever!  Just looking back at this now is making me hungry!

We visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial park and museum. It was really moving to see the place where the biggest atomic bombing took place where over 70,000 people died and suffered. Seeing pictures and being in the actual place is something very different and left a great impression to me that will stay close to my heart. It's something I will never forget.

Children's memorial - for the children who died in the bombing

A watch which stopped when the atomic bomb fell.

 After a rather emotional day we went on a romantic dinner cruise on a boat thanks to Hitomi's mummy booking it for us! And had the most gorgeous full course dinner with wine <33

We also saw the floating temple thats made on top of the river but it was far and hard to take a picture. 

The next day we went to have Hiroshima's tradition Okonomiyaki <3 made right in front of us and SOO delicious 

We went shopping and got drunk at night time in karaoke and host bars, which was funny as.

I was sooo lucky to meet this girl we've had some amazing times together- she took care of me and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people in Japan. I miss her so much! Lots more to blog about including our trip to Paris! xoxo



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