Winter fashion & recent purchases

Just thought I'd update about what I bought yesterday! The Christmas lights are up in town, there's Christmas songs to be heard everywhere ..very depressing! It's also very cold so time for warmer clothes! (Most of mine are back at home at my dads which is useless!)

 So I went to town to get a new hair dryer as my old one is busted, and ended up spending way too much money on other things. I bought babyliss ultra shine one which came with a free brush, perfect for back combing.
I then saw a hot pink Panasonic digital camera that I wanted/need which was on offer that day. However later on I saw this and could not leave the shop without it.

(excuse the mess in the above photo)
it's faux fur but I've wanted a fur coat for so long now and this one fitted me well, and I fell in love with it.

I also bought these as they were on sale although they probably wouldn't be needed over winter. They are just so adorable. My obsession for bows and shiny things will never end!

I think my I need to sort out my wardrobe with just some of my shoes in it..

And this is what I've been doing today instead of going to my lecture..although it was unintentional, I was going to go but the nails took longer than I thought!
However, I'm a bit annoyed that within half an hour the tips are ruined, I don't think it was properly dry when they told me it was ok to leave after sitting with my hands under the UV light for 20 minutes. I'm going back tomorrow to get them re-done. 

I'm very excited about this weekend, I have a gig to go to tomorrow and I have another photoshoot on Saturday morning, this time with photographer Nas. Then its my gyaru circle Kirameki's  first nabe party!

In case you're wondering about why I'm doing all these photo shoots.. they are to help me start building my modelling portfolio.
I will also be posting my latex shoot with Erin very soon <3



  1. I love your nails~!! Well, they look nice in the picture, even if they got messed up later^^
    You're a model? That makes more sense than what I thought... (this whole time, I thought you were building a portfolio for becoming a photographer, not a modeling portfolio lol)
    No wonder you're so pretty^^

  2. ありがとう♪
    ooh I've only just started really..but thank you!
    I take photos too (although I havn't done that in a while!) here's some of my stuff on deviantart in case anyone's interested:

  3. Your nails are awesome! (*o*)
    I like the black in combination with this glittery red - so beautiful. (^//^)
    And your coat looks so warm and cozy + it suits you. <3 For only wanting to buy a hair dryer you really bought a lot in addition XDDD

  4. Haha I knoww :[ I'm not supposed to spend this money either..I think I'm going to be so broke soon hope I'm able to pay my rent! haha

  5. I love that fur coat it looks so comfortable *0*

  6. I love the fur jacket! Looks so perfect for the colder weather! Also, your nails are the BOMB! They are hot! :)


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