My glasses & shoot with Jim King & ballet

I need to update about my recent creations! Here are some glasses I made, I'm quite happy with them. I recieved many good responses about them and want to make more and start my own business of shiny things <3

and here are the photos from my shoot with Jim King.

I also started up ballet again recently which is something I did for 9 years when I was younger. I quit because I was young and naieve, I regretted it greatly as I grew older as it has always been my passion. As silly as it sounds, the film Black Swan greatly influenced me to start up again. After reading about how Natalie Portman trained intensely in ballet for just 6 months and seeing her dance so professionally on screen was truly inspirational. My only concerns was whether I was still able to dance with tattoos and piercings. I emailed a Yuka Kodama ballet group to inquire and I got a reply saying that it's fine, as long as I don't feel uncomfortable with them. So now I started up my passion again, it's difficult although I'm surprised at how many steps I still remember from when I was younger. My body is stiff as a rock however so it will take some time for me to train and become flexible again. Nevertheless, I will be performing at the beginning of June with the group - Peter Pan and the Nutcracker being some of the dances I'm taking part in. I'm very excited about being on stage again. And who knows? I could be one of the very few 'alternative' ballerinas around :)

Anyways...I now have pink streaks! 

Please keep voting for me for the Ultra Vixens competition, still in 2nd place T_T
I want to be the cover girl! :)



  1. The glasses are cool! Might sound like a dumb question but can you see through them?

  2. no unfortunately you can't lol. Although they aren't for practical use. Hopefully I will be making some which you can see through soon.

  3. Your hot ! i really like your blog & Pictures
    You make a good work

  4. aw thank you hun <3 started to follow you now

  5. I found you through a mutual friend on facebook. Just wanted to say I think you're GORGEOUS and the world needs more alternative ballerinas ;) x

  6. ooh anonymous! thank youu and I agree about the alternative ballerinas <3 I want to know who you are :)

  7. Very Artistic =) Wonderfully shot! x


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