Earthquake in Japan

It has been one of the most powerful earthquakes that has hit Japan in 300 years, which struck the north east of Tokyo with a magnitude of 8.9.

There has been a tsunami which has killed hundreds. And now there has been an emergency where a a nuclear power plant has exceeded normal levels. One after another, Japan has suffered so much. 

When I saw the news yesterday morning, I was almost in tears. Even though it was the other side of where my family lives, it looked so frightening. Luckily where my family is from - Kyushu was not affected. My dad's girlfriend is from Tokyo, her and her family are all ok too, although the aftershocks are terrible. It has been reported that 10,000 people are missing in one town in Sendai.

It is lucky that everyone that I know and their families seem to be ok. But my heart goes out to all those who have died and are suffering after the earthquake, tsunami and now a nuclear threat. It really breaks my heart to think how much my country is suffering right now.

Rio suggested me with a great idea of designing tshirts to help raise money for Japan. Please follow her blog here. I will be thinking about designs of tshirts with the logo 'Pray for Japan'. Please join the campaign to show some support. I think it would be for a really good cause as it seems that there hasn't been anything in the UK to help Japan. Lady Gaga has done a similar thing with wristbands.

any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

I hope that everyone's friends and family in Japan were okay.



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