LOVE GAL's shabu shabu & Goth Gene

Back in March when I was still in LOVE GAL's we went to an all you can eat shabu shabu (which is a big Japanese variant of hot pot with lots of meat and vegetables).

Yuminyan decided to share her beauty secrets...and put meat on her face. She said it was 'meat face mask' 笑

In the same month, I was invited to Goth Gene which is a monthly Vkei event put on by Rin chan (girl on the right of the photo below), who is a famous photographer for hosts of Kabukichou. She is also the manager of Goth gene magazine and events. Funnily enough she invited me on ameblo and I was so happy to meet her. She's so lovely!

pole dancing w w
amazing nails!

me and my friend Reira. She is the producer of the popular gal brand tutuHA. She's so awesome and we have become good friends since.





  1. you always look so beautiful! x Did you leave love gals because you are coming back to England? x it's a shame :( x

    1. aw thank you ^^

      No I was going to continue with it cause I'm coming back to Japan after a year but I had to leave because there was a mis understanding with the leader about something so I decided its pointless for me to stay.

      It's a shame but I'm still friends with most of the girls and hang out with them often so its cool ^_^

    2. oh no thats stupid :( it's good you still have the friends though x

  2. It loks like lots of fun :] That's cool to know that there are vkei events ^^
    And you look gorgeous as always :D your plugs/tunnels<3

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