Tanabata Accessories shoot

I realised I still haven't updated about my last shoot for Tanabata Accessories, a very cute accessories brand inspired by Japanese harajuku fashion. It's created by Emily Bastian who also helps to run many large events such as Hyper Japan.

A lot of things went wrong this day as we met up and drove down to South End. We were meant to shoot in a studio at the photographer's university, but it was closed so we ended up going to her friends with a plain room to shoot. Despite this, we made the most of it and I think everyone did a great job! I met the other two lovely models, Lucy and Tania.

I was told that for one of the outfits, I had to wear a Stitch kigurumi - I was like what? I'm going to look so silly! But I ended up loving it and wanting to buy myself one :)

It was a very long day and we didn't finish until about 9pm, but I had a lot of fun being surrounded with such adorable clothes and accessories. Emily let us choose any accessories that we wanted in exchange for modelling. 
Here are the ones I received, I love every single one of them and wear them a lot :)

Here are just two of the photos that will be up and used onto the website. It is currently in progress at the moment, but I will update once it's up.
It's the first time I wore a wig properly as I always thought I never suit wigs, but I loved this one.
You can view the bigger one on my model mayhem, I've linked it on my photo :)

MUA: me
photography: Jasmine Lilly
styling: Emily Bastian

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



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