more shoots and featured in Bizarre magazine issue 173

I haven't updated on here in so long! I've been really busy with everything. But I'm really happy with myself at the moment and my achievements. I have been feeling down on myself recently and has had some personal problems, but this made me realise that good things come to those who work hard in life.

Firstly I still need to update you with photographs from my second shoot with Nas.

So what's the good news? Well, I have been published in Bizarre magazine! :D I'm featured in the new issue - March 2011, issue 173. 

Not only am I in this but I'm also printed on the front cover! Even if it is 2cm of me haha!
See if you can spot me ;)

This may not be a big deal to some, but I'm so happy with it as I have been published in bizarre within 6 months of modelling :) Thank you to everyone who has supported me.

The other great news is that I finally found out that from this summer, I get to spend my year abroad at my first choice of university Gakushuin University and my favourite place in the world - Tokyo <3
So happy! :D

I am also in the competition for the Ultra Vixens cover girl competition this month, please take a minute to vote for me it would mean so much! 



  1. Love your hair color(s)! And going to school abroad would be so much fun - lucky :P

  2. Wow congrats on the mag and also studying abroad. Jealous ;)


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