shoot with D4 photography

So I had a shoot last weekend with Dikki Hurst in Newbury. He works for the Army fixing trucks, so we went to the Army centre there and managed to get some great shots using the studio room and the ambulance vehicle that was there.

I wanted to expand my alternative modelling portfolio, and have a few different quite 'revealing' outfits that I don't normally wear. Dikki wanted to shoot some anime/pin up styles so since I now have blonde hair I dressed up as Misa from Death Note. This look is very easy to copy, and it was fun dressing up as an anime character for the first time. Another look was the classic pin up look, and then my nurse outfit which I wore on Halloween to go with the shoot using the ambulance. This was sort of medical fetish kinda look, something I've wanted to do and which would look good for my ultra vixens profile.

Here are some behind the scene shots! All styling, hair and make up done by me. Thanks again to Aerynn taking them, being my chaperone and putting up with me the whole day!

And here are my favourite shots from this shoot. Hope you like!

any comments/critics appreciated!



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