new hair and waiting to get tattooed

I haven't updated in a while and I've done a lot recently!

I'll firstly post about my new hair. I got it done at hair salon Yu House in Shibuya. A lot of models from Gal style magazines seems to go there if you check their blog!

I got my roots done, dark brown lowlights, hair cut and extensions including pink! It wasn't exactly cheap but still definitely a lot cheaper and better quality than what you'll get in the UK.
I think its the first time where I'm really happy/excited to have my hair done! It's made a big change I think!

I also just came back from Last Gate tattoo studio in Sasazuka. I'm officially on a 3 months waiting list to get tattooed by amazing artist Washun. He does my friend's tattoos. They are few of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen. The details and art he puts into all his tattoos are amazing! I'm happy to wait 3 months because of his work & I can think more about my designs.

Here's my friend's tattoo of the Indian Goddess Ganesha (still in progress)

of course we had to have Indian curry after. It was delicious! Just looking at this is making me hungry....

Oh and recently I get told quite often that people have been checking out my blog. So thanks for reading ♡




  1. ooomg, i love your new hair stylee!!! :3 You look gorgeous!

  2. Whoa! Your hair looks amazing like that! ❤


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