been too long....yet again. Korea back in February

so I was about to close this blog and just use my ameblo from now which I try to update frequently on my phone.

But decided to carry on after months of not posting!

I have just been super busy, in the last couple of months I have been fortunate enough to meet so many people and made so many great friendships and connections whom may be helpful to me in the future.

It is currently almost 3am and I'm writing because I can't sleep since I just had another scary experience with sleep paralysis. This is something I have been getting quite often since moving to Japan and its been terrfying, but I will talk more about this later.

So uh.... where can I start?

Last time I posted about Nikko way back in February. Well soon after that I went to Kyushu again and my mum took me to Seoul in Korea.
It was my first time to go there and it was amazing!

Things there are so cheap and the shops with rows of beauty product stores with shops assistants who constantly throw free samples at you.
I got a lot of nice stuff for very cheap.

And the food there is delicious! I definitely plan to  go back there again sometime.

Me and my mum went via tour and so we met up with a load of people at the airport who took us shopping then dropped us off at our hotel. They also booked everything we wanted to go to such as seeing a play and going to a spa so they were very helpful.

Sadly, I lost this fur scarf soon after mum bought it for me....*cries* sorry mummy.
But I go these Vivienne Westwood framed glasses (yes they are prescribed! I have bad eyesight).

We also went to see a very popular musical/play called Nanja. To do with cooks! It was so cute and fun.

Souvenir for my grandma's dog Reira (obviously fake blinged up Chanel) xD

(and the real) Chanel cosmetics and Chance perfume I got at the duty free shop at the airport ^^

lots more entries coming soon xoxo




  1. I'm happy you didn't close this blog, though I would love to follow you on ameba I lack the Japanese skills to do so. Love your Vivienne Westwood glasses btw :]

    1. ah thank you so much! its nice to know people read this one still ^_^


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