Tokyo Decadance June Bride

In June I went to Tokyo Decadance June bride. I went to a similar White themed event in April and I was invited to another event but one of the main reasons why I went to this one was because of DJ Sisen. Since I've been a fan of his music from when I was younger!

So I went to Nichome first to see some friends from my university in the UK.

Then I went to meet Shiena and Hitomi to take puris since we were all dressed in white.

by this time I was ridiculously drunk, that I couldn't stand up properly in the puri machine. The magical photobooth still made me look alright, even though I had no idea what I was doing and even brought a drink into the booth LOL.

Me and DJ Sisen, he was so sweet and lovely.

My friend Matt with Lucie. they looked amazing!! *_*

The June Bride theme was for a reason, and there were 2 couples getting married!

And....umm ya don't ask...I was a mistress and queen for the night ww

That was another weird and wonderful night at Decadance.




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