July Festivals

So its been too long til I updated again and I still need to update about summer....

In July I went to 2 festivals, one small one in Yotsuya sanchome, which my dance teacher invited me to and another big one at a place where I can't remember the name of. if anyone remembers, please tell me xD

but I know that its meant to be one of the biggest ones in Tokyo as it was super crowded.

Even though I asked my grandmother to send me my old yukata which was left lying about in her house, she bought me a whole new set of this navy blue one with pink cherry blossoms on it.

Me and my dance teacher.
I really didn't enjoy my university whilst I was there, but I did enjoy her dance lessons because it was silly and fun. She was so funny a lovely too, I will miss her and her lessons. Arigatou sensei~ 

So the next part we went to the bigger one where it was just FULL of people. Not to mention the humidity TOO MUCH! It was still a fun experience though.


Naomi caught gold fish! but they died the next day :'(

We then went to a bar in Ikebukuro




  1. I'm sorry you didn't really like your time at the uni :/
    But it seems like you had some good times abroad in general :]
    You look so cute in your yukata!


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