Merry Christmas ~update on new M*ARS coat and Samantha Thavasa bag~


So it's been snowing a LOT here, here's a photo of my house mates and our retarded snow man we made in our front garden!  We then went to a large park near our university and played in the snow. Although it was SO cold in the end I just got ridiculously drunk at 4pm.

 I'm now back from University to my home town for Christmas holidays. I'm from a small village in Buckinghamshire and it's very boring here and difficult to get anywhere if you don't drive (which I don't as I blew all my money in Japan summer last year). Although it was very nice to finally come home to my lovely Christmas presents from Japan which my mum and nan sent me. 

お母さんとおばあちゃんから送ってもらったクリスマスプレゼントがやっと届いたよ★ MAR*SのコートSamantha のliberty print とキテイーちゃんのバッグ。超うれしい<3

My MAR*S coat which I have been waiting for! It's light pink which isn't a colour I usually wear as I think I suit bolder colours. Either way its so soft and cute, I love the leopard print and rose lining and the bows on the cuffs.

My grandma also bought me this really cute fluffy black dress and leopard print muffler. Although I think the muffler is really cute (it's an item that is very fashionable at the moment amongst gals in Japan) I don't think that I suit it very much so I think I will be selling it. I will post another blog with more details with it soon for anyone who's interested.

sorry about the silly faces and rubbish photos but I find it very difficult to take photos of myself using an SLR! 

and finally I didn't expect to get this
but I received my 3rd Samantha Thavasa bag which is one thing that makes me very happy in life just by looking at them as they are just so gorgeous. It's a special edition liberty print design with Hello Kitty! I adore it.

And another box of Japanese snacks and food!

I have had a very productive day as you can see here and I also nearly set my pan and kitchen on fire, and ripped half my nail off by trying to move my drawers. I don't think I will be going to the nail salon any time soon to get fake nails done again...
but now I'm going to see Steph for a catch up and pub times.

Furthermore I have been gathering ideas and inspirations for my new tattoo design. I decided that I want a quarter sleeve even though my family in Japan may disown me. I'm thinking lotus flowers to start with around my shoulder, covering up my tiny butterfly which I had done when I was 17. Although I'm not sure what else I could include. I'm thinking of a nature theme to go with my butterflies and cherry blossoms that I have already. What do you think? Any suggestions or design ideas would be great!


Merry Christmas!



  1. For your tattoos, why don't you have a look at some kimono designs? They usually have some really nice nature designs on them, that should give you some ideas :] xxx

    p.s. your coat is so adorable!

  2. good idea! I love kimono designs as I studied it for art couple years ago!
    ah thank you !

  3. give me your muffler kyahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. i think I will it will suit you better jou!


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