NYE ~ Majikko meet and other stuff ~

I havn't updated on here for a while as I have been very busy and quite ill :(


Last week I went a little crazy. I am now platinum BLONDE! I got my hair done by Jet Fong from Hands Hair salon in Soho recommended by a friend. I payed a lot of money coming from my savings and Christmas money and spent 7 hours in the salon. I have always wanted to see what I look like blonde but first I was very shocked because it's very different from what I'm used to. But since I have bleached my eyebrows I'm starting to like it more and more.

On New Years Eve I had a meet up with my Gal circle Majikko. Gal circles are made from a group of people who are into Japanese gyaru fashion. We went to a karaoke booth in Soho, got drunk and sang our hearts out. I had lost my voice at one point as I have an awful cold at the moment, but still I managed to get drunk from 4pm and it was very fun hanging out with people with the same interests! Everyone was lovely.

We then went to China town for a cheap meal. 

We then went to the purikura photo sticker booths to take pictures <3

It was a very fun day and I loved meeting with everyone ~ <3
I then headed to Oxford regardless of my illness and headed out to a house party and the O2 Academy with my friends. I don't remember a lot that went on from there which I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing o_O
However my friends Rob and Bailey decided to egg the bouncers for no reason hahaha <3
either way has been a very memorable start of the year!

みんなと会えてとても楽しかったよ♪ その後は私はオクスフォードに行って友達と一緒にパーティーとO2というクラブに行ったよ。でも飲みすぎて記憶があまり残ってないの!やばっ!!でもまあ楽しかった (笑)

Happy New Year everyone ★




  1. Your hair looks amazing!!! Well worth the 7 hours :) xx

  2. Mayumi~ was so nice to meet you that day! Still can't believe it was 260! Although your colour is to die for <3

  3. it was lovely meeting you too! haha it was £220 yeah i know I can't believe I payed that too im so poor now ;_;
    but thank you! hope we meet again soon ^^

  4. your hair is amazing!!
    ...and that's all I have to say :D

  5. Your photo stickers booth are soooooo cute as well as your hair looks soooo amazing! Anyways, love your blog, cute and interesting.


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