another quick update ~ Camden shopping~

今週はとても退屈だよ~。お仕事もないし、このかぜもあるしさ~;_; でも昨日はキャムデンに買い物にいってきたよ♪ もうすぐまた撮影があるからそのために何か着るものとか買って来た~★

So this week I have been pretty bored stuck in doors due to work giving me nothing, and having this cold. However yesterday I couldn't take it any more and decided to go to Camden for a little shopping trip to see if I can find anything for my upcoming shoot/ browsing around just to get me out of the house.

Here are some of the things I purchased:

big frilly knickers (for shoot maybe)
leather black studded belt (for shoot)
tattoo magazine for the journey (and as I fell in love with the sleeve the model had)
hair bands (for shoot)
sparkly heart necklace from cyberdog

I can't say what the next photoshoot is about as it's a surprise!

Also Mike came around the other day and made me this! Lovely big yellow latex bow clip I love it! I hope to use this for a future shoot sometime.

I have also now joined model mayhem. Check it out :]

Currently I am thinking about what to do for my 21st birthday. I had completely forgotten that it was until a couple of days ago when I was reminded. I was meant to go to France but I'm not sure that it will happen now. I have been thinking about going to see the Circus of Horrors as one of the dates is on my birthday, however they are also performing in Oxford so I'm not sure whether to wait for that. And I'm not sure if any of my friends would like to go to it. I really want to as it looks so interesting and freaky! *_*



  1. That circus think looks mental, you should deffo do that!

  2. haha yeah not many people seems to wanna go though! Wanna come to it Troy? should be really good!

  3. why don't they wanna go? when is it?


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