~the Circus of Horrors, my birthday and recent purchases/gifts~

I celebrated my 21st birthday recently by going to the Circus of Horrors which is a bizarre circus/ freak show. It was amazing! They have been going for 15 years since they have started. I have seen their flyers in Camden and advertisement in the Bizarre magazines and have always wanted to go. It was definitely worth it. They had a live band, singing (which kind of felt like a musical, apart from they had lots of stunts and freaks in it). It was so interesting that I'm hoping to see them again when they come to Oxford to perform in Febuary. We recieved 2 for 1 vouchers so hoping to use that!

Hopefully photos of these will be coming soon when my friend sends them to me. I was going to have a party when we got back, but me and my best friend from home Kizzy were so knackered that we just watched things, had a good catch up and went to bed. She also got me addicted to watching a trashy American tv show Jersey Shore - I don't know why but I'm addicted to it!

I also wanted to show everyone the awesome presents I have received and the things I bought in the sales recently.

 I asked my mum to send me these hello kitty trainers and finally they have arrived! I'm in love with them. They are gold and black with leopard print inside and bows at the front.

She also sent me this mini mouse jewellery box along with lots of Japanese snacks.

I got these hello kitty headphones from my dad along with Silent Hill dvd and money.

Some hello kitty MAC make up I bought recently.

Baggy & holey jumper I bought in Topshop and other things I bought recently that I'm hoping to wear for some of my shoots. (Doesn't look good here because of the bad photo!)

£3 underwear in the sales! 

And I received this cute skirt from Jou.

There are many other lovely gifts I recieved from my gorgeous friends, for example Kizzy bought me this clutch bag and studded hair band from Paparazzi. I'm hoping to use these in future shoots so it will be a surprise!

Here are some photos of us from Saturday when we went out drinking!

We drank way too much...

**More coming up about my latest photo shoot soon **



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