~cupcake shoot with Aerynn~

Last Saturday I had another shoot with Aerynn, this time a completely different theme to the last one with the latex outfit. It was a cute and girly with the theme of cupcakes. Originally Aerynn had a gorgeous tea pot and cup to use, we did a few shots with them but it turned out that the photos of me without them looked better.

Here are some behind the scenes shots!

Sorry, TERRIBLE picture of me there.

Aerynn lent me her hello kitty corset and white stockings, and I'm wearing my pink frilly bra which my mum sent me but I never had the chance to wear it as its so frilly and big that I can't wear it under clothes!

Isabelle also had a shoot with her lovely Chinese dress that she made herself!

After Aerynn gave me the lovely cup cake she bought and I ate it haha.

Later on, we went to one of the Oxford University's colleges, Christs church for their party where they have incredibly cheap £1 drinks. 
And then we went to Selena's house party. At midnight they all sang happy birthday to me and we watched 2ne1 videos and danced to them since I am now 21! Her party was so cute and lovely with lots of food which I ended up pigging out...especially the lovely cupcakes! Om nom nom.

Best photo of me throughout the night as you can't really see my face/how sweaty I looked haha!

And the results..?

This is a small version, check out my model mayhem for a bigger one.
Also please follow Aerynn and Isabelle's blog (link in their names above).

*There will be other photos from this shoot on the way, so please look out for another update!*



  1. Wow the picture is amazing!and the oufits so cute!

  2. That was such a fun day :) I really like how the photo turned out^^


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