First week of Japan

Hey so it's my 9th day of being here in Tokyo. I'm here for my year abroad for a year at Gakushuin University, and I'm currently staying at a student apartment in Nerima-ku.

So my first few days of being in Japan wasn't so great. Due to not being used to the heat and being jet-lagged, and having these strange extremely painful headaches, I was very ill. In fact, on the third day I was rushed to hospital in the ambulance. This was because of a bad chemical reaction I had after taking some strong pain killers. I had herbal sleeping tablets and normal paracetamol the night before and after I took the prescribed pain killers in the morning I was constantly throwing up that I couldn't move. Eventually I managed to stumble next door to my friend's who called an ambulance for me. At the hospital they did three tests for me including a brain scan to make sure everything was OK. Then they put something in my drip which stopped me being sick.

Since then I've had minor headaches now and then but apart from that I've been feeling fine :)

After that incident, I was able to go places and enjoy myself. Here are some photos, I have also being filming for a video blog but unfortunately my laptop is so slow and rubbish, that I can't put them together right now, hopefully I will be getting a MAC soon so I will be able to do it on that! I've also met a few people at my apartment and it's been great :)

My Image

My Image
Me and Naomi went to Ikebukuro to get my phone and had yakiniku. It's the best thing ever!

My Image

My Image
My Image
We then went to a pet store which had so many cute animals. Although the first one we went to had quite a large space for the animals to play, the second one we went to (the last two photos of the tiny puppies) had very small spaces for them. It made me feel quite sad that these tiny creatures only a couple of weeks old are sold in tiny glass cages with not much space. The white puppy shown in my photo was biting this ice cube thing to keep cool, although the shop had air conditioning, it must have been still so hot for these tiny things :(

Anyway, and the other day I went to Shibuya and even though I said to myself to be careful with money, I went a little crazy in 109 shopping centre. I really could not help myself. My excuse is that I ran out of clothes to wear.
ayu obsession xD
kitty swarvoski blingness ♥
I bought an outfit in MAR*S. isn't the shop girl so  pretty??
condomania xD
just some of the things I bought..I forgot to include the top and bottom lashes!!

me and Naomi having nomi-hodai (drink all you want) and cubed steak which was 380 yen (about £3.10), this is right by where we live. We are pretty much sorted for the year.

I also finally got my hair done and now back to blondee wooo. Japanese hair dressers are the best!

Thanks for looking 



  1. Looks so fun :) makes me miss Japan, I have to wait a whole year to go T_T
    Are you going to any themed restaurants? The vampire one looks so fun and my boyfriend and I went to a Ninja one, you should go it was so good, like, there were ninjas, in a ninja town, underground^^

  2. I'm here for a year so yeah I'll hopefully go to all of them!
    I've heard about the ninja and the vampire one, my friend also told me about the hospital one can't wait to see them :)

  3. The Yakiniku looks good, that's something I miss most about Japan >_<

    Hopefully that illness will stay away from now on!

  4. I hope so, still keep getting headaches though :(


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