International exchange first night + buying too much + beginning of diet?

Hi! I'm not going to be able to write everything I've done but here are some pictures!

My first day at uni -enrolment day has been great, I met my 'buddy' which are Japanese students from my university that are going to stick with me and help me out with everything until we are all settled.
That evening about 30 of us all got together at a izakaya in Ikebukuro - chatting away, eating and drinking. Naomi had a bit too much to drink I think :') fun night!

melon sour - melon flavoured alocohol soo nice
Naomi drunk and chatting away xD
Today, I went to Ikebukuro, the nearest large city to me to find a 100 yen store to get bits I need for my room. I ended up going to a few places though and spending more than expected again, really worried about money now I've spent way too much :/
gorgeous Sanrio store

my new favourite store, Donki hote, its so crowded in there but sells everything you can imagine at discounted price. It's eyelash heaven on the 1st floor.
my lunch ♪ soup & rice & ice tea
My long awaited trip to the 100 yen store ♥  
these I bought the other day since it was on sale for 500 yen each (about £4.12). I often buy Britney's fragrances so of course I had to get this recent one when I saw it for this price!! Also the other one Juicy Jewel Secret Mode smells heavenly too. 
Since being here, I've been feeling a little..big. Seriously every single girl here is so skinny, I'm not wanting to achieve looking like a stick insect but I would like to lose some weight, and being in Japan I think it's the best time to do it as there's so many options here. Most of the time me and diets just don't work. So I'm going to try this supplement  which you can eat as well hurray! It contains catechin, which is even found in green tea! Anyway it's meant to give a healthy balance to your diet. I also bought a tape measure from 100 yen store for when I start seriously dieting (since I can't afford a scale atm..) = when I start dance classes and going to the gym at uni and being careful at how much I eat. I've never been one to starve myself completely as it doesn't work on me - also I'm in Japan, how can I not eat when there's so much delicious food around me?!




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