style update: Candy Doll make up, Jewelove contacts & diamond lashes

I've been too busy to update anything that I have been doing here so this is just a quick style update!

So I've been having personal issues recently and a small part of it is that I've been feeling kind of isolated here. Despite the fact that I love Japan, it is a very conservative country in many ways. And because I look a bit different, and isn't a clone just to fit into the society I get judged for it. Actually, this is the one thing I don't like about Japan. I'm used to getting stared at a lot back in the UK, but here I really feel like people are judging you. I have had a lot of annoying comments about my piercing especially, since not many people have seen a septum piercing here before.

I've made lots of friends since being at uni but no one that has the same interests etc as me, it's an 'elite' university and no one really likes to stand out, I however stand out like a sore thumb. Getting quite fed up of people turning around to stare at me like I'm a mad person. Seems like everyone just likes to do work, work, work. That's probably not the case but yeah....

Some people who have never been to Japan seems to think that everyone dresses a bit crazy when in reality that's not the case! Actually if you look a little different and stand out from the society you will get stared at. and you will be judged. a LOT even in Tokyo!
I've been into gyaru fashion for a very long time now and I hate how they are seen as 'stupid'. It's like you can be gyaru and still go to university and be educated too -_-

I don't see what's wrong with having some colour to your life? People need to lighten up.

Anyway...enough of my ramblings  ¬¬

I got some new make up and stuff 

I just realised you can see my hand in the reflection, ew! haha
I thought I'd give Candy Doll a go, it's a brand produced by super popular model Tsubasa
Pictured: Can Make make up base
Candy Doll Highlighter in purple
Candy Doll liquid foundation in shade no.2

The foundation is quite nice, good coverage and gives your skin a glow.

Secondly, eyelashes. You'd think they're only false eyelashes but in Japan there are SO many different types to choose from. In shops there are whole sections or even floors of eyelashes. I asked one of the shop staff if she could recommend me the best lashes and she told me Diamond lashes are the most popular brand at the moment.

It comes with 5 sets in each, I think it was about 1050 yen for each pack.

I also ordered new circle lenses since mine were old and pretty much destroying my eyes. Jewelove

They are comfortable to wear and I like the colour, although I did expect it to be a bit lighter. I ordered the grey ones.

Also got my hair extensions my hair stopped growing soo I enjoy this length  ♥

love love LOVE egg ♥ 
I bought some awesome outfits also, but I need a full length mirror to show them -_-

me and Nito in Shibuya: this is the best night I've had so far since being here. I've been out a few times but this was soo much fun. Oh and yeah the caption..don't ask :)

This post seriously took me sooo long to do because my laptop is absolute poo and is about to break down, hopefully on my next post I will be blogging from my brand new mac  



  1. I love your blog! Take a look at mine and join my members!

    Kisses from Paris.
    Real Chanty

  2. Bwahahah shave your fanny!! I love it!!!

    I know how you feel, in my country (hong kong) i get the same treatment just cuz i looked hafu and not chinese enough, so people - especially jelly girls, sneer and gossip behind me.
    If its really beyond rude just confront them.

    good luck!

  3. haha glad you like it ;)

    aw yeah I've had some girls bitching about me loudly standing next to me on a train before. But I'm getting used to all the annoying stares now!
    & thank youu lovely ^^


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