Finally got my MAC ♥

So I've been ill for over a week now, I have this horrible cold which won't go away. It's really been affecting me because I can't sleep at night as I'm constantly coughing, and because of that I can't get up to go to uni and keep missing lessons. I have been ill so many times since being in Japan, as if being rushed into hospital wasn't enough! >_>

After spending a lot of money on medicines which doesn't work, I finally went to the doctors today.  It turned out that seeing the doctor and getting 3 different medicines was cheaper than going to the local drugstore...and even though I've only had one dose of the amount I'm supposed to take a day,  I already feel a bit better. I just hope that I can get some sleep tonight.

Anyways, despite being the only week I had a lot of things planned (including going to a gal circle meet which I will blog about later on) 
and not being able to do them, I finally got my 15 inch Macbook Pro ♥ ♥ 
I've been waiting FOREVER to get this, and couldn't be happier with it. Even though I still don't know how to use some things, I hope to get used to it.

One reason that I'm not able to write so often was because of how long it took me just to post about one thing because of how slow my laptop was! But now I hope to blog more often and record things to do with my life for memories to look back on.

I also found this old picture of me taken earlier this year when I had red hair. I kind of miss having bright colours, but at the same time I stand out enough with blonde hair xD

I still need to post about events of last weekend! Hope to update soon ~ 




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