my new family at religion training centre & their open day

I am so lucky to have come across being part of this work place.
So firstly I started work at a English language school as an English teacher and my boss introduced me to this place.

I'm still training as the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to go in because of my cold.
My boss Tomo, grew up in this religion centre and me and Naomi are lucky to be part of it. Everyone is so welcoming and make us feel like family.
I've been learning a lot more about Shinto religion now, and the head teacher there is there to listen to all my issues and helping me.  I've been having a few problems that I don't tell many people about, and she wanted to help me. I've never met a group of people who is so dedicated to help people and all for the sake of wanting to listen, help others and get people involved in Shintoism.

I have always been interested in Shintoism as I grew up with it, and my Japanese side of the family are all Shintoists. But this has been able to open a new world for me.
She is even helping me with dieting and there to support me, when I spoke to her about my issues with appearance.

Here are some photos from the open day at the centre, I learnt so much this day about Japanese tradition and it was so much fun (despite the fact I was half asleep as it started so early!)


Ikebana flower arrangement

We attended tea ceremony~ 

I'm so grateful to have met such amazing people ❤




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