I know it's been over a week since Halloween but I had the funniest one ever and need to post pictures.

Firstly me and Naomi went to the gathering/ party in Yoyogi park in Harajuku with people from our uni.
Us and 3 other guys that we met there wanted to stay out so we went to Shibuya for drinks.

Then we took a purikura.

Then me and Naomi went to Nichome gay district and made so many new friends. We firstly met a group of people on the train whom we tagged along with at first, then ended up drinking with these band members (who were absolutely hilarious) then we went to Arty Farty a gay club. Everyone is so nice there and dressed SO amazing. Some people went through a lot of effort to dress up. This is why I love Nichome ♥

This was my costume. Gloomy bear kigurumi.

cookie monster x gloomy bear

Can't really explain everything that happened, but I can say that it was a crazy night and the best Halloween I've had ♡




  1. aw *_* i like your outfit
    so cute ♥


  2. thank you so much!

    I'm now following you ^^ ~

  3. I know this may be ages ago but may i Know where you got the gloomy costume from?? ITS SUPER ADORABLE AND YOU LOOK SO CUTE<33

    Stay gorgeous, ;)

    1. Thank you <3 its from a donki hote store in Japan :)


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