Introducing my gal circle: LOVE ♥ GALS

I'm now officially a new member of LOVE GALS gal circle in Shibuya ♡

I have only been to two meets so far but they have been a lot of fun. Everyone is really nice and I feel really feel like I'm part of something now, especially since I have been finding it hard to fit in at university.

Here are some photos! I'm going to Disneyland with everyone in December, I can't wait!

Me with a mamba from a different circle! (I know I have hearts on my face but I didn't like it xD)

More to update about my epic weekends soon <3




  1. アゲポヨーーーー!! I'm so happy for you~ ^^
    hope to see more! especially disneyland~ aaaah so jelly!! :D


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