Atami adventures

The weekend before the last one, me and Naomi and our boss Tomo "Cruise" went on a trip to Atami. The main reason was to receive a Shinto blessing as part of the Religious teaching that we now belong to. It's kind of hard to explain it, as I still don't fully understand it myself. But we received a pendant which we can now do Jou-rei with (which means purifying oneself).

After we had this we went to discover the beautiful place of Atami, which is in Shizuoka ken.

Seems like for the first time I wore formal clothes. We look like business women no??

Tomo Cruise's "angry face" after seeing his bento as it didn't look the same in the photo when he bought it

And this was my bento. Best thing ever right?! Of course I had to choose the Pokemon kids one.

I'm so happy with how these photos turned out ♡
(oh and I know I'm wearing sunglasses in every picture but I didn't have any sleep the night before and had to get up at half 6 so, trust me it was better this way)

We went to MOA museum.

We saw this really interesting exhibition about lights. It's better to show with the videos I took but I will upload those later on.
Although I'm pretty damn happy with the pictures I took.

We then discovered the beautiful gardens and old houses just outside the museum.
We then went to Atami's infamous Sex Museum, which you had to get a short Ropeway ride to the mountains.

this is us doing the "Hello Language School Pose"

And then Sex Museum! WOOO xD
It was so old fashioned! Like it was made in the 80s or something, but still it was so bad which made it hilarious.

We then took a long walk to go to a sushi restaurant Tomo took us to. 

Tomo pretending to be a dead person who hanged himself with a balloon? xD

We walked past this abandoned building, pretty creepy right?

I finally had my first sushi since being here this time, which was of course the best sushi ever taken fresh from the sea of Atami.

Even though I was extremely tired since I had no sleep the night before, I had one of the best days since being here and saw some of the most beautiful place I have ever been to. 
Saw so many interesting things (the crappy sex museum being the best part of course) and learnt so many things.

These last couple of weeks, the amazing people I have met, the adventures I have been on, the ridiculous days/nights where I just laugh constantly. I can happily say that for once I am completely loving my life right now ♡



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