Today's buys~

I just wanted to share this because I am so happy with my buys today. I know I haven't been able to update my style much but now that I got my mac I can quickly take pictures about what I bought.

So I went to Ikebukuro to see if I can get my coat changed that I bought from MAR*S. I tried it on in the shop and thought it was a bit tight on me, but it was a size S (I always wear size M in Japanese size).
So I went back to see if I can exchange it to a bigger size but its the only size they do!

Anyway I was wearing a thick jumper yesterday which made it look super tight, but with flat clothes it fits fine. I really like it. My other MAR*S coat is baby pink, and I wanted to get something which I can wear everywhere. And then I was looking for some cheap clothes to wear because I've brought hardly any winter clothes from the UK as they wouldn't fit in my suitcase...

it has a leopard print fluffy collar at the top ♡
glitter black top ¥1250
then I went to a different mall and got this black knitted cardigan for ¥1050 

Then I found an amazing second hand clothes shop and had to go a little crazy.
I even found a MAR*S skirt and dress in there but couldn't buy it as they were way too short or small for me.
brown fur jacket. ¥1050
(its faux fur but still sooo soft)

ridiculously soft leopard print hoodie. ¥1050

glittery striped jumper ¥735!!

I felt silly buying new stuff which are a lot more expensive...from now on I will probably buy a lot of stuff from these second hand stores.

Going to end this post with another photo of myself before going to a friend's gig




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