Cooking lesson ♪new hair and such

There are so many things to post about I have been doing so much recently! So this is just a really quick post.

Last week Yumiyan (LOVE GAL's) introduced me to one of her cooking classes at ABC cooking that she attends in Roppongi Midtown. She was able to have a free lesson with a friend so she took me.

she's so cute!

We cooked coconut curry which was delicious!

The teacher planned out what cooking course was best for me. There are three different types: bread making, cake making and normal full course meals. I wanted to take the cake/sweets making but I don't have enough time to do both cooking meal as well which is the most important one I think, so I will do that one and they also have special deals/coupons where I can take a friend to have cake/sweets lessons for free. I hope to attend them with Yumiyan ♪

The teacher also gave us free coupons to take friends to cooking classes for all three of them.
They teach really great low calorie healthy meals and I'm glad I went because it made me realise how lazy and unhealthy I have been recently with cooking, especially since I have started dieting.
And also how important it is, especially for a woman to be able to cook!
They offer to teach great full set meals. In Japan they really put in effort with cooking and every food here is delicious. I think its a great skill to have so I really hope that I can take these lessons until I go back to the UK.

Just outside Roppongi midtown building there's an ice rink & illumination.

Also today I got my hair done. It's ash/silver and milky tea colour. 
It's super long and I got it done in Ekzito in Ikebukuro. They are the longest set of extensions available. 
I'm so pleased with them, and also the hairdressers were so funny! I defiantly plan to go back there ♡




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