Tokyo Decadance White Event

In May I went to Tokyo Decadance for the first time. For those who doesn't know what it is, its Tokyo's most extravagant event which is on every month in Christon Cafe in Shinjuku.

I have always wanted to go and it was so much fun. Everyone was dressed so amazing and its not anything like what you normally see in Japan.

This particular event was a white themed event. I went with Shiena and Ashley, we took purikura before we went. The day before I went I got my hair done white and had black and pink extensions put in. Although I don't think I suited completely white hair that much as it didn't match my skin tone and for some reasons, in the puris it looks like I'm tanned o_O

 We got to see Kaya live <3

We also saw Club Prince live. What a random guest/ gig to have at Decadance. But the funny thing is I became friends with Mao the week before when me and Shiena went to drink at a host club the week before. and the ONLY reason we went there is because they offered us 2 hours of drink as much as you want for FREE. so it was the cheapest way to kill time and drink before we went to Goth Gene, and there I met Mao from Club Prince and he was telling me how they are going to be doing a gig here. 

Mao ^

Club Prince's well known song Love Dokkyun was a lot of fun to dance to!

Rin chan and Shiena

What a fun night that was!




  1. Ahhh it looks so awesome! And fujddfh Kaya <3

    Also I love that hair on you, I think it does suit you well 8D

  2. I love your hair, I think it looks really nice :]
    The event looks so much fun, I've never heard of it before till now.
    It seems like lots of fun ^-^

  3. You are so pretty!! Love your makeup!

    1. aw thank you ^^

      you also look so cute~

      followed. please follow back ^^


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