Ayumi Hamasaki live and meeting Jedward

In June, I went to see Ayumi Hamasaki live at Saitama arena.

I have been obsessed with this singer from about the age of 14. I have seen her live before and I have even met her when she was in the UK.

my signed albums

^I know this is a terrible photo of me but it was over 2 years ago, and at 4am because we waited outside in the cold for her for about 8 hours in the freezing cold UK winter.

I went with Yuminyan and Miki. Me and Miki got our hair set in Shinjuku before we went.

The concert was amazing and ayu was so cute as always.

But you know what the BEST part of the evening was?


Yes they were getting the same train as us.

When I saw them running past us I just had to go talk to them. They were so funny and were amazed at me and Miki's style. Even with their crazy hair and dress sense I guess they are not so well known in Japan, they were happy that I recognised them lol. They also loved the fact that I'm half Irish.
They told us that they were just at Ayumi's gig and was backstage with her.

I obviously had to translate what they were saying to Miki, as they pointed out her excessively long deco-ed nails and were like 'YOUR NAILS!! They are crazier than Lady Gaga!'
She thought they were so cute and funny, which they were!

They got up on the train and were dangling from the bars (note that this is a packed underground train in Tokyo) as some photographer they were with started taking loads of pictures of them and us, so I don't know if they put it up on a website or blog anywhere.

Crazy stuff!

These were the Ayu goods I got that day. I loved the pink leopard print design! I also got a set of Ayu's new false eyelashes for free ^^

I am currently about to move out of my university halls to move into a friends...after 3 days of packing and sending off parcels to my mum's in Kyushu and to my home in the UK, I am waiting for my friend to finish work so thought I would continue updating my blog.

It's actually crazy that it's been almost a whole year since I arrived in Japan, and soon at the end of the month I will be returning back to the UK. It's very very strange looking at my empty room.

Hopefully I'll be able to write more entries before I leave to go to the UK.





  1. I love the things your got from the concert, especially the light stick!
    I like how it is in a fan, and how bright the colors are.
    I also don't know who Jedward is but I googled them after seeing your post ^^ lol I think it's cool you got to meet them :]

    Good luck with the moving!
    It is crazy how fast times flies, will you still continue to update when your in the UK?

    1. we used the fan to wave about at the concert like a glow stick :)

      Thanks, yeah hopefully I'll have time to post stuff here when I'm back ~

  2. really like your blog!
    I'm following you now~

    By the way, you're really, really pretty! <3


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