Namja town ages ago (back in England now)

Again its been ages since I've posted.

I've had the most wonderful summer staying at a friend's apartment in Shinjuku and being taken to so many different places and I have been back in England for 5 days now.

It was so sad to leave since I have been lucky enough to meet so many different people and have made so many friends, anyway I will post about this later.

Anyway FINALLY photos from Namja town which was AGESS ago in May. Namja town is an indoor theme park in sunshine city in Ikebukuro, produced by games company Namco.
Amazing gentleman Yo -san took me and Naomi there. Was so much fun!

As soon as we got there we qued for some Namja cat themed curry lunch.

We went into a ghost house! This was outside. How freaky does this look!

But in fact it wasn't scary at all and we had to take photos in each room the final one being this. w.

They had a huge ice cream section where they sold every flavoured ice cream, including wasabi flavoured!! I didn't try it though since I just wanted my green tea flavour.

gyouza <3

old school Japanese sweets which reminded us of our childhood.

and me with my Anpanman chocolate lolly. I loved Anpanman, although if I don't stop eating soon, my face will turn into him! w




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