Maid Cafe in Ikebukuro

Back in May, there was an trip to Hakone with my university but I didn't particularly want to go so instead Yo took me to a Maids Cafe to get drunk w.

It was my first time at a Maid's cafe and it was quite fun!

We weren't allowed to take photos of the maids obviously, but they had a show which was cute.

She drew a pikachu for me and cast a 'magic spell' for it to taste nice! 
oishiku nare~♡

they also let us wear their head gear and gloves ww.

Yo will probs kill me for putting this up haha!

After we went to a gorgeous bar in Omote Sando and I had my first Sanguria - vodka and mixed fruit based cocktail.




  1. the food looks yummy :)
    And the Pikachu is funny and cute ^^

  2. Omg you look so freakin adorable with the ears and the paw<3
    And Sanguria looks so good, the bar looks beautiful as well!


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