Sabeena visiting & Dance Groove & Lunatic Sabbath

In June Sabeena visited me and we had a super busy day of craziness.

We firstly went to Dance Groove, which is a huge event held by many different gal circles in Shibuya. 

We got our hair set in Shinjuku.

And then we met with Reira, killed some time at a host club and went to Lunatic Sabbath, a rock and fetish event held at Christon Cafe.

 I also met Totsie here, a girl I know through Tumblr. She did suspension show for the first time! What a brave girl!!

Crazy shit right??

They also had shibari performance which I found beautiful.

and bands, fashion shows, dancers and more!

such a fun night!




  1. That suspension stuff is so crazy, I'd be too chicken to do it but it's cool to look at ^^ It love all the different stuff you got to see.


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